Exploring Voices

Section Activity Unit 10

My favorite assignment during this class was listening to and analyzing music that I would never normally listen to. I had one of my close friends send me some of his favorite death metal bands and song recommendations and I was fully prepared to be ready to rip my ears off after the experience, but I was pleasantly surprised. I won’t be listening to it on a regular basis, but metal had some fun lyrics and felt really aggressive, so I might listen to it if I am feeling angry. The best part of that project is that I opened my mind to explore different musical genres and I get to have a vague understanding of the bands that my friend loves to talk about.

Section Activity Unit 9

The part of the Bridging Multiple Worlds Survey that I found the most significant was seeing the different expectations that my different worlds have for me. It was interesting seeing how most of my worlds held similar expectations for me and that is probably why I do not feel too much pressure from my family to work hard and do well in school because all of my other worlds hold the same expectations for me, including myself. One other thing that I found really interesting is the emphasis on having a math-based career. Not having a career involving math was listed as a negative thing, but I think the humanities are just as important. Just because I choose to focus on English, music, and theatre, does not mean that I am unsuccessful or a poor student, it just means that I am better at analyzing words than numbers.

Section Activity Unit 8

I found the clip from Sorry to Bother You very interesting. The men in the clip have naturally very gravelly and low voices, but in order for them to be taken seriously and do their job well, they must alter their voices to sound more “white”. To do this, they make their voices much more nasally and high-pitched, making them sound very timid and able to be bossed around. In lecture, we talked about how when we speak, our voice conveys information about us as individuals. These men have realized that they need to convey to the listener over the phone that they are white in order to be successful in what they do because people make judgments about their normal voices without even realizing it. The listener may assume that the men are aggressive or mean due to the stereotypes surrounding their race, and to avoid giving people the wrong impression, the men change the way that they sound to be perceived as kind and helpful.

Assignment #2

Section Activity Unit 7

The most difficult thing that I experienced at the beginning of our collaborative work was coordinating schedules. It definitely was easier finding a time with two people than with three as we had in our previous section assignment. However, my partner and I are both pretty busy people so it was really difficult trying to find a location and time that worked with both of our schedules, but we ultimately settled on going to Woodstock’s Pizza in Isla Vista; once during Tuesday Night Trivia and once during a Wednesday afternoon. We were only able to spend about 45 minutes each time, but it was helpful having a partner to identify the different types of voices that I did not even notice at first. It was also really nice that we were able to do both of our site visits last week so we can focus on writing our actual essay and organizing our observations this week.

Section Activity Unit 6

Reflective Journal on Gojira’s “Wolf Down The Earth” 2/11/20 I do not usually listen to death metal, but I have a friend who is a really big fan and he recommended that I listen to the band Gojira. I was hesitant about choosing metal as the piece that I would have to listen to repeatedly to analyze because whenever I had heard it previously I could not get past the harsh yelling sound that the singers use. Listening to this piece was a pleasant surprise. The vocals were much less grating than I was expecting and the guitar and background music was actually really good. I had to look up the lyrics to the song to find out what they were saying and the lyrics made me laugh a little bit. They were very over the top about destroying the earth and the wolves being lords. Metal seems like a very appropriate genre to express anger. Sure, yelling is fine, but the aggressive drums and bass backing it up really enhance the effect. The rhetoric and the voices in this song definitely overpower the words themselves, but I think that that is kind of the point. The emotions evoked through this song are much more important than what they are saying and I honestly think that I preferred listening to the song before I knew what they were saying because I could more easily let the music take me on a journey rather than analyzing what they were trying to say.

Section Activity Unit 5

Section Activity Unit 4


Section Activity Unit 3

I discovered a lot of new things through this assignment. By listening closely to a voice that I do not like and try not to listen to, I was able to figure out the reasons behind why I despise it so much. I found that the combination of a very high-pitched voice with wavery breathiness that Snow White possesses makes me very uncomfortable. I also discovered that I may not like Snow White’s voice because I hear some of my own vocal qualities reflected in her. However, coming to better terms with her voice may help me come to better terms with my own.

Assignment #1

Section Activity Unit 2

I chose the concept of vocal timbre, or the unique tone color and quality that a voice possesses. I was fascinated with the wide range of colors and tones that voices can create and I thought that a lightbulb is a good way of showing this. I took a picture of a strand of lights at night with a singular light in focus. This shows that voices can be light or dark. They can also be warm and round or cool and sharp, the warmth is shown through the light itself and the cool sharpness is found in the glass surrounding the light. I also have the strand of lights in the background showing the other voices that surround and influence our own unique tonal quality.